Severe weather, storms, wind and rain can present challenges to businesses and homeowners’ basic energy needs. Arbor Tree Surgery understands that protecting the utilities that serve you every day. By far, the best way to avoid conflicts with utility lines and infrastructure is a well-planned landscaping plan that prevents the need for tree trimming and removal. The reality, however, is that this does not always occur.

There’s way more to utility line clearance than trimming trees. At Arbor Tree Surgery, we work closely alongside utility companies who entrust us with their vegetation management needs are met in a timely and effective manner. Don’t let tree branches resting on your utility lines put a hamper on your home or business. Let the professionals at Arbor Tree Surgery come to the rescue. We bring our customers reliable, safe and efficient electrical utility line clearance including high-voltage transmission line rights-of-way for:

– Tall growing trees

– Unusual vegetation growth/utility line infringement

– Transmission towers

– Distribution poles

– Tree planting advice/trimming advice

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