Quality Service Since 1959

Operated since 1959, Arbor Tree Surgery started with only two employees for tree clearance operations with Sierra Pacific Power Company and Nevada Bell in Reno. In 1966 they relocated Arbor’s Headquarters to the Central Coast of California, where this minority, family-owned and operated business has since become an industry leader, employing experts who share a commitment to the highest standards of dependable service — all at a fair price.


 Full Service Arboriculture

Arbor Tree Surgery in Paso Robles, CA is a full-service ornamental arboriculture and landscape management business specializing in:

  • Neighborhood utility line clearance tree trimming
  • ­Commercial tree care for your business
  • Residential tree care (single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, apartments, HOAs, etc.)
  • Ornamental arboriculture
  • Custom vegetation management services for power companies throughout the western U.S. including California and Oregon


Customer Service

Quality customer service is at the center of everything we do at Arbor Tree Surgery. We understand that with each customer’s specific needs is a custom-tailored solution. As communities grow, trees continue to present challenges, from rural and semi-rural ranches and ranchettes to urban subdivisions, single-family homes to planned unit developments. When a tree problem occurs in your neighborhood or business, let the arborists at Arbor Tree Surgery diagnose, treat and meet your objectives with the precision and urgency you deserve. Governments, businesses and homeowners have other things to worry about than challenges in their natural surroundings. If a tree problem occurs, causing a private/public hazard, unsightly nuisance or damage, the professionals at Arbor Tree Surgery will deliver a professional diagnosis to meet your objectives.


Safety Record

Arbor Tree Surgery assures safety and quality through ongoing education programs, constant monitoring of safety practices and promotion of research. Working closely with Cal OSHA and ANSI, Arbor Tree Surgery employees have developed new ideas to improve industry standards; for example, setting up appropriate training procedures in the California Apprenticeship for Electrical Line Clearance Tree Trimmers.

Arbor Tree Surgery has demonstrated a genuine concern for the environment. Safe ecological practices are important to every worker. Great care is taken to evaluate the ecological impact of projects.

An excellent safety record had been achieved through Arbor Tree Surgery’s emphasis on extensive safety programs. Training includes first aid, CPR, power tool safety, electrical hazards instruction, and aerial rescue techniques. Tailgate safety meetings and special safety training for supervisors also stress the importance we place on continuing safety education and constant monitoring




Our commitment to professionalism is reflected, too, in our membership in the International Society of Arboriculture, National Arborists Association and others. As members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Arbor has been awarded ranking in the Hispanic Top 500 Most Successful Businesses. Our certified arborists have received specialized training in tree biology and nutrition, pruning, soil and tree relations, climbing, installation, tree selection and more.

In 1990, Richard and Patty Alvarez retired, passing the family business to their children. Just as when their parents started Arbor, we are dedicated to excellence in tree care which continues to be the company’s primary goal. We take pride in our know-how, safe work practices, efforts to keep costs down and attention to environmental concerns.

Utility Arborist Association
The National Arborist Association, Inc
International Society of Arboriculture