Arbor Tree Surgery is a third generation arbor consulting company. Since 1959, we have worked on solving tree problems for our clients. We have a hands on approach. We have the best arborists available for your particular situation. Based on the Central Coast of California our forensic tree investigators and technical consultants will handle any of your tree issues.

We will provide an expert detailed analysis and arborist report. Below is a list of services that can be provided.

  • Tree Assessment of Health and Vigor
  • Tree Risk Assessment and Hazard Evaluation
  • Pruning Guidelines and Maintenance Recommendations
  • Evaluation of Pests and Diseases
  • Evaluation of Soil Conditions
  • Evaluation of adjacent plant material and their effects
  • Evaluation and Recommendations of Irrigation methods and frequency
  • City Protected Tree Reports
  • Neighbor dispute resolution
  • Nursery Value Appraisals for Loss or Litigation Purposes
  • Construction Management of Trees

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