Arbor Tree Surgery provides utility line clearance tree trimming, residential, commercial, and municipal tree care, quality ornamental arboriculture and custom vegetation management services for power companies throughout the western U.S. including California and Oregon.

Tree Trimming, Arborist, Tree removal

If you’re looking for a remedy to your health problems, chances are you’re not willing to compromise on a doctor who can’t meet your needs. The landscaping industry is no different. Are unwieldy tree branches causing you a headache? Pruning problems getting in the way of your home or business? Look no further than Paso Robles-based Arbor Tree Surgery. Here at Arbor Tree Surgery, we understand that finding a solution to your tree and vegetation management problems is a serious issue.

Arbor Tree Surgery in Paso Robles, CA is a full-service ornamental arboriculture and landscape management business specializing in:

  • Neighborhood utility line clearance tree trimming
  • ­Commercial tree care for your business
  • Home tree care (single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, apartments, HOAs, etc.)
  • Ornamental arboriculture
  • Custom vegetation management services for power companies throughout the western U.S. including California and Oregon

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